Testing version to make sure it all works!!!

19 April 2017

Looks like there is an issue with the way Vodafone's network has been set up in the street. A Downer NZ tech turned up on Monday ran a few tests and worked out what was going on in about two seconds!!! Still waiting for it to be fixed but did see one of their vans parked outside at about 1:30 this afternoon so hopefully they are working on it :).

30 March 2017

Well everything seems to be running OK except for the speed of my supposed 200/20 Fibre X internet connection. It would seem that Vodafone's Fibre service is pretty unstable and very rarely reaches the advertised speed!

11 March 2017

Well that was a good night

06 March 2017

Testing a picture from OC


25 February 2017

Nice day - Starts by watching Nicko play a game of softball - Won 6-4 against Island Bay U17's.

The boss has organised a party for Nicko's birthday - little man was 15 last Monday - growing up fast.

24 February 2017

Test Owncloud update of blog files.

and it might just work fine!!!

01 January 2017

Got some more tidy up done.

27 October 2016


Mostly sorted comments section - managed to get reCaptcha working ok. Moderation methodology to go but it's up and live for now.

Might also look at limiting the number of tweets sent by my speedtest routine. Might just tweet the slow ones?

14 October 2016


Website reformat mostly done.
Finally finished reformatting the website.
Lots to learn including some perl to monitor the internet connection.

Speedtest is improved a bit too.

Still a few things to do to get it to where I really want it. Need to sort the reCaptcha for the comments section before it goes into production. I'm sure it's something simple but it's not working properly at the moment.

22 May 2016

Another Stunning Vodafone Speed Test


19 May 2016

Vodafone Speed Test

Stunning speeds from Vodafone tonight. NOT! Looks like 6% of the country actually puts up with slower speeds which is really sad. Roll on access to fibre, at least there will be a choice then.


18 April 2016

Really struggling to get ZoneMinder to work on apache2 with proxypass.

31 March 2016

Got me a ChromeCast audio to replace the faulty cable. Works a treat.

27 March 2016


Stereo playing up; need at least one new cable; jerry rigged to make noise tonight!


Started re-formating the website - still a bit to do! Learning a bit about CSS and other bits and pieces.

Need to add a comments section to the blog page and move some of the content around around on the rest of the site.

25 March 2016

Nice to see the New Zealand flag will remain the same.

23 March 2016

The ssl certificate for this page will be fixed when I renew the certificates for the rest of my web site in the next two months.